Here at Di Beleza, we offer full body waxing services for both men and women. Our certified Aestheticians specialize in body sugaring which is a hair removal technique that uses an all–natural paste (sugar, lemon, hot water). This technique is an organic alternative than traditional waxing. We do, however, offer traditional waxing.

*We do not recycle of reuse wax. 

Brazilian Wax

Women $65

Men $75

Full Bikini Wax

Women $45

Men $55

Other Waxing Services

Full Legs $65

Full Arms $45

Full Back $65

Abdomen $40

Abdomen and Chest $55

Face $35

Eyebrows $15

Lip $10

Chin $10

Neck $10

Ears $10

Nose $10


(Brazilian Wax)

Before appointment:

° Hair needs to be a minimum of 7-10 days growth

° Shower and leave the skin free of any oils, lotion, etc

° If you are sensitive to pain, we suggest you take an over the counter pain reliever at least 30 minutes before your appointment

After appointment:

° Use a mild soap when bathing

° Keep skin dry for at least 24 hours – do not do any heavy exercising that will cause skin to perspire